This summer, West Hill Primary School explored the unique and diverse places that make up the British Overseas Territories. From the frozen wilds of the British Antarctic Territory to the fiery volcanoes of Monserrat, each class focused on a different territory to expand their understanding of global geography and foreign cultures. Throughout the week, children created art works, informative writing and other creative pieces to develop and display our developing understanding of British Overseas Territories. These fantastic activities produced some wonderful work which we have proudly displayed in the school’s corridors. At the end of the week, we held a performance to celebrate our newfound knowledge and hard work in a show for family and friends. Reception class sang about the turtles of Turks and Caicos, year 1 danced along to Hot, Hot, Hot by Monserrat’s Arrow, year 2 enjoyed monkeying around in celebration of Gibraltar, year 3 sang a sea shanty to mark the shipwrecked colony of Bermuda, year 4 sang about sailing around the Cayman Islands and upper key stage 2 recreated Robert Falcon Scott’s expeditions into Antarctica. Everyone loved the morning of music and drama and it was a perfect way to end the week. “I enjoyed learning about Turks and Caicos. they have coconut trees and banana trees because its hot.” “They have turtles in Turks and Caicos, the most common one is the Hawksbill and they are critically endangered.” “We can help the turtles by not putting fishing nets in the sea by the turtles and stop putting plastic in the sea.” “They eat fish and rice and peas in Turks and Caicos.” “They like football, cricket, fishing and diving in Turks an Caicos.” “At the celebration morning I enjoyed the songs.” “I liked making pomp poms for my Gombey dancer mask because they’re colourful.” “Bermuda is famous for the Bermuda triangle but it’s not real.” “We met some people from Bermuda and they were really nice.” “People have to leave Bermuda because there isn’t a university there.” “The people on the boats must have been scared because it was dangerous.” “It’s been really interesting discovering British Overseas Territories because it’s been interesting for both the students and the teachers. I’ve never looked into the countries that make up the British Overseas Territories before and would have only been able to name Gibraltar as one off of the top of my head. I feel like our theme week has taught me something by broadening my geographical, political and cultural understanding.”
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