11 September 2020 – For Immediate Release

Cayman Islands Representative to speak at Virtual Island Summit

London, United Kingdom – The Cayman Islands Representative to the UK and Europe is a panellist at the upcoming Virtual Island Summit on Saturday 12 September.  

It is the first time the Cayman Islands will be represented on the international stage within this arena at the summit, which is in its second year.

The Virtual Island Summit is an online event designed to connect global islands to share their common experiences through a digital platform. Mr Ebanks will join islanders from around the world to share insights and ideas. Island Innovation, running the summit, is a social enterprise for sustainable development and communications, bringing together the private sector, government, utilities, NGOs and universities to advance innovation for sustainability and prosperity in islands worldwide.

The Summit participation is an opportunity to promote the Cayman Islands’ aptitude and excellence alongside other island nations, as well as help identify opportunities for Overseas Territories like Cayman post Brexit and develop new trains of thought about the Cayman Islands internationally.

Mr Ebanks comments that he wishes “to highlight the versatility of Cayman, and the role it can play within the Global Britain family post Brexit in a number of potential areas of collaboration.”

This forms part of the overall activity of the CIGOUK to promote the Cayman Islands overseas.

Mr Ebanks further commented: “It is a privilege to speak at this international summit. This is another great opportunity to convey hopeful messages about what Cayman can achieve as a country in the foreseeable future, and also to share our insights and experience with fellow island nations.”

Mr André  Ebanks will join the following panel: 

Brexit and Beyond: Global and Local Challenges in the UK Overseas Territories

Saturday 12 September 2020

10:00am New York (EDT), 15:00pm London (BST), 00:00am Sydney (AES) Sun, duration 1.5 hours

To register for the free online conference visit:  https://www.islandinnovation.co/summit/attend/

Editors notes:

Virtual Island Summit – https://www.islandinnovation.co/summit/

Panel description:

The impacts of Brexit are far and wide. As with Britain, its Overseas Territories have broken formal links with the European Union and are part of the transition period until the end of 2020. It is now incumbent on the Territories, with the support of Britain, to recalibrate their relations not only with the EU, but with the wider world and Britain itself. Islands closer to the British mainland also need to adjust to the new reality, and be conscious of how their own vulnerabilities can be mitigated.

Moderator: Dr Peter Clegg, Head of Department Health and Social Sciences, Uni of the West of England

Other Speakers:

● Benito Wheatley, Special Envoy, British Virgin Islands Government

● Dr Kate Matheson, Department of Health and Social Sciences, University of the West of England

● The Honourable Teslyn Barkman MLA, Falkland Islands Government

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