The Stopover

Cayman’s Migratory Birds & their Connection to the Global Ecosystem

Cayman Connection – Virtual Yard
Wednesday, 5 October 2022 – Zoom

6pm London
12pm Cayman
1pm New York    

As a follow-on from the Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK (CIGO-UK) June event during London Climate Action Week entitled “Sentinels in the fight against climate change”, our Affiliate Partner, Cayman Connection, is facilitating a partnered Virtual Yard Meeting – the finale in Cayman Connection’s Environment & Sustainability quarter – hosted by CIGO-UK.

In this event, panellists will highlight the critical importance of the Cayman Islands as a stopover for migratory birds, and the need to preserve their natural habitats. Recent challenges to this will be explored, as well as why migration is a significant part of global biodiversity and the ecosystem.

This event is open to all, though it will be of particular interest those who are keen to learn more about activities in the Cayman Islands specific to migratory birds, as well as anyone interested in the global ecosystem and the importance of birds’ role in it as it relates to climate change.

Dr Tasha Ebanks Garcia

Dr Tasha Ebanks Garcia

Cayman Islands Representative to the UK

The Cayman Islands Government Office UK (CIGO-UK) is based in London and serves numerous functions to advance the interests of the Government and people of the Cayman Islands. These include representational duties such as facilitating interactions with elected leaders via Cayman’s All Party Parliamentary Group, and representing the Cayman Islands within the UK Overseas Territories Association; promoting investment in the Cayman Islands; fostering understanding of Cayman’s unique economy, heritage and culture; aiding CIG Ministries with external affairs in the UK, and providing services to Caymanians overseas (primarily students).

Catherine Childs

Catherine Childs

I am passionate about the protection of wilderness and wildlife and everything that is not yet tamed, including young humans that have a right to the bounty of nature that we inherited. The climate and biodiversity crises are interconnected – we must protect and preserve nature in our fight to stop climate change – for us, for the next generation, and for the colourful tapestry of creation itself.”
Catherine Childs

Catherine Childs has been a member of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) team since 2013, she currently serves as the Environmental Programmes Manager and has a Master’s degree in Environmental Science with a specialisation in Climate Change. Nature-based solutions to the climate crisis are of particular interest to Catherine who is the founder of Island Offsets, a non-profit NGO created to help people, businesses and organisations offset their carbon footprint by funding projects in the Cayman Islands that protect at-risk mangrove ecosystems.

Simone Williams

Simone Williams

“Get outside and get into nature!  It is time to disconnect from the devices and re-connect with life’s diversity. So get outside, explore, discover and fall-in love with nature. Because we protect what we love!”
Simone Williams

Simone Williams is a Research Officer with Terrestrial Resources Unit for the Cayman Islands Department of Environment and brings a global perspective to the unit. Having studied passerines (songbirds) and shorebirds in Canada, Alaska, Southern United States and the Caribbean, she has travelled hemispheric proportions to determine species richness, abundance, distribution and survival rates for these migratory populations. She completed her Master of Science degree through Trent University’s Environmental and Life Sciences Programme in Ontario, Canada, and worked for the Toronto Zoo as an assistant researcher.  She is eager to use her experiences and skills for the preservation and monitoring of Cayman’s flora and fauna.

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