Charles Parchment, Cayman Islands Deputy Representative in the UK visited Brussels to attend an International Tax Cooperation Workshop in May.

The objective of the International Tax Cooperation Workshop is to facilitate the participation of OCT technical experts in policy dialogue to support OCTs cooperation with international partners on the implementation of international standards on tax transparency and information exchange. This will enable the OCTs to meet their international obligations as jurisdictions in the global tax system.

  • The result is an improved understanding of:
  • the mechanics of international tax cooperation
  • internal tax reform
  • reforms to the international tax system
  • tax transparency
  • EU development of list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes
  • implementation of international tax cooperation arrangements and initiatives including:
    – Common Reporting Standard,
    – OECD Global Forum Peer Review Process
    – Multilateral Convention on Mutual Assistance in Tax and Administrative Matters
    – Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (DEPS)

Participants to the international tax cooperation workshop included, among others:

  • Senior OCT technical experts in tax and transparency matters
  • Member States Representatives
  • European Commission Officials
  • OCTA
  • Observers: ACP, European Parliament
  • OECD Global Forum Officials

Charles Commented: “The conference was very useful from the standpoint that it was in the most part conducted by the OECD and Mr Andrew Auerbach, Counsellor, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration took the lead on most of the panels to define the OECD’s role with regard to the Global Forum and Peer Review Group, which was very helpful.”

For more information see OCTA ARTICLE HERE. 

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